Every Man a King

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    “Every Man A King” is a proposal by The Art Guys in collaboration with MWM Digital for a permanent public outdoor monument that takes the form of a statue that depicts a person who is selected at random from their city.

    “Every Man A King” celebrates the “everyman” – the unheralded, the common man, the average working person, the people who go uncelebrated yet make up the fabric of our community.

    In the tradition of great civic monuments, “Every Man A King” is a bronze figure that mimics the heroic statues of leaders that adorn many civic squares and public spaces. The design of the work is visually stimulating and distinctive yet compliments and salutes existing traditional historical monuments of this type. Like those monuments, this work will become a fixture of the city and community in which it is erected and will and its collection of public art. “Every Man A King” speak to everyone from that person’s city yet will also resonate with visitors from outside the community. “Every Man A King” is designed to endure and be enjoyed by generations for decades, and even centuries, to come.

    The monument takes the form of a life-size bronze statue of a person mounted on a stone pedestal. The distinction of this statue, and thus the main reason for the interest of the project is that the person depicted and celebrated is not a specific famous individual or person of renown. Rather, the individual depicted in the bronze statue of “Every Man A King” would be selected at random from the City of Houston. It is this distinction that gives the project its true value and richness and why it sets itself apart conceptually from other heroic statues of this type. This “common man” represented in the statue literally and figuratively stands for all people.

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